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Intimate mysteries

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"Fascinating!" -John Bannon

21 killer effects exploring three new techniques by award-winning writer, director and magician Chris Philpott. Intimate Mysteries explores magic done not just in the spectator's hands and minds, but with their lives. These effects are fun, fascinating and often moving to experience while being entertaining and dramatic to witness - some have nearly as many plot twists and revealed secrets as a Dan Brown novel!

Includes routines based on these principles by John Bannon, Steve Valentine, Raj Madhok and others.


The Roller Coaster

You guide the spectator through a visualization that uncovers aspects of their personality - but then the twist: they've also been unknowingly choosing a card the whole time - and you have correctly predicted every choice they made!

"My fave routine is The Roller Coaster. First of all it's a great way to get into a card trick, without stating it's a card trick. The routine is so brilliantly structured as to at first, intrigue, psychologically unsettle and then blow away your audience. An extra bonus is that it will hopefully create a welcome respite from bloody invisible deck routines. Worth the price of the book."
- Steve Valentine, Two-time Magic Castle Close-Up Magician of the Year

The Open Door

A simple story leads to a profound revelation about your spectator.

"I would love to include The Open Door in Scripting Magic 2. What a great example of the power of scripting. The kind of experience that it creates is tremendously powerful."
- Pete McCabe

FAAA (Force Anything, Anytime, Anywhere)

An incredibly powerful new technique with virtually unlimited possibilities! One spectator secretly thinks of anything and another spectator reveals what it is! No pre-show, no confederates, no instant-stooges - can be done impromptu for just two people and they will both be amazed.

"This is where magic stops being just tricks and starts freaking people out!"
-Den Shewman, Former Editor-in-Chief, Creative Screenwriting Magazine

Cold Equivoque

The way a spectator chooses a card becomes an incredibly revealing experience - and you predict not only the card, but the spectator's personality traits!

"It's excellent! Thanks for sharing such a well thought out, practical routine."
-Richard Webster

"Chris Philpott is a major new voice in the world of mentalism. His book Intimate Mysteries contains ground-breaking new approaches and techniques wrapped in powerful and affecting presentations. It is a must-buy!" - Mark Elsdon

"One of the Top Ten Magic Books of 2013! Great presentations for easy to do card tricks. The presentations add meaning for the spectator and usually involve some kind of personality reading. I have never done cold reading, but the presentations in this book make it easy to apply the effects to any spectator's personality." - H & R Magic Books


Chris Philpott

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  • Pierre
  • 20 avr. 2024
  • Transaction sans aucun problème

  • Pierre
  • 20 avr. 2024
  • transaction sans aucun problème

  • Pierre
  • 20 avr. 2024
  • transaction sans aucun problème

  • Pierre
  • 20 avr. 2024
  • Transaction sans aucun problème

  • Ronnie
  • 18 avr. 2024
  • J'ai récemment acheté deux tours de magie avec Camille sur Second-Handz.com et je suis vraiment satisfait de l'expérience ! Camille était non seulement extrêmement disponible et serviable, mais aussi très réactif. Il a répondu à tous mes messages rapidement et m'a même fourni des explications détaillées par téléphone. Un grand merci à Camille ! Je le recommande à 100 %, mais laissez-moi en un peu, lol !

    I recently purchased two magic tricks from Camille on Second-Handz.com and I had a fantastic experience! Camille was not only extremely responsive and always available, but also very helpful. He answered all my messages quickly and even provided detailed explanations over the phone. Thank you so much, Camille! I highly recommend him 100%—just make sure to save some goodies for me, lol!

  • Nicholas
  • 14 avr. 2024
  • Envoie rapide et soigné, bonne communication.
    Rien à redire !

  • Pierre
  • 14 avr. 2024
  • Livraison conforme à la description.
    Aucun problème.

  • Fabrice
  • 12 avr. 2024
  • Camille est réactif, disponible et à l'écoute.
    Colis envoyé rapidement.
    Article est en très bon état.

  • Michel
  • 11 avr. 2024
  • Transaction parfaite

  • Michel
  • 11 avr. 2024
  • Transaction parfaite.

  • Thomas
  • 10 avr. 2024
  • Transaction parfaite !

  • Thomas
  • 10 avr. 2024
  • Transaction parfaite !

  • Dani
  • 10 avr. 2024
  • Super transaction, livre comme neuf, communication et livraison top. Je conseil. Merci Camille.

  • Lionel
  • 7 avr. 2024
  • Parfait, vendeur au top je recommande !

  • Clément
  • 5 avr. 2024
  • Au top !
    Envoi soigné, rapide et efficace. Produits conformes.


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